MPS 002 International Relations: Theory and Problems

MPS-002 International Relations:Theory and Problems

Chapter- 1 Realist and Neo-Realist Approaches
Chapter- 2 Liberal and Neo-Liberal Approaches
Chapter- 3 Marxist and Other Radical Approaches
Chapter- 4 Neo-Radical Approaches
Chapter- 5 Post-Structuralist and Post-Modernist Approaches
Chapter- 6 Feminist Approaches
Chapter- 7 Environmental Approaches
Chapter- 8 Worldviews from Asia, Africa and Latin America
Chapter- 9 End of Cold War
Chapter- 10 Post-Cold War Issues
Chapter- 11 Emerging Powers
Chapter- 12 Regional Groupings
Chapter- 13 Globalization
Chapter- 14 International Inequities
Chapter- 15 Elements of International Economic Relations
Chapter- 16 Management of International Relations
Chapter- 17 India in the New Global Order
Chapter- 18 Right to Self-determination
Chapter- 19 Intervention/Invasion
Chapter- 20 Nuclear Proliferation
Chapter- 21 International Terrorism
Chapter- 22 Role of Science and Technology in International Relations
Chapter- 23 Inequality among Nations
Chapter- 24 Global Corporatism and State Sovereignty
Chapter- 25 Human Rights and International Trade
Chapter- 26 Changing Nature of American Power
Chapter- 27China as an Emerging Power
Chapter- 28 Emergence of Central Asian Republics
Chapter- 29 Ethnic Resurgence and ‘Identity’ Wars
Chapter- 30 Aboriginal/Indigenous Movements
Chapter- 31 Displacement of Populations: Intra-state and Inter-state
Chapter- 32 Transnational Movements: Cultural and Civilisational
Chapter- 33 Role of NGOs
Chapter- 34 Concept of Justice in International Relations
Chapter- 35 Human Security

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