MPS 003 India : Democracy And Development

MPS 003 India Democracy And Development

Chapter- 1 Legacy of National Movement With Reference To Development, Rights and Participation
Chapter- 2 Debate on Models of Development
Chapter- 3 Constitution and Social Transformation
Chapter- 4 Diversity and Pluralism
Chapter- 5 Inequality: Caste and Class
Chapter- 6 Political Economy of Development
Chapter- 7 Structure and Growth of Economy (Poverty, Surplus and Unevenness)
Chapter- 8 Legislature
Chapter- 9 Bureaucracy, Police and Army
Chapter- 10 Legal System and Judiciary
Chapter- 11 Federalism
Chapter- 12 Devolution of Powers and Local Self-Government
Chapter- 13 Political Parties and Political Participation
Chapter- 14 Workers and Peasant Movements in India
Chapter- 15 Communication Channels and Public Policies
Chapter- 16 Characteristics of Interest Groups
Chapter- 17 Identity Politics in India (Caste, Religion, Language and Ethnicity)
Chapter- 18 Civil Societies: Social Movements, Ngos and Voluntary Action
Chapter- 19 Human Development: Health, Education and Social Security
Chapter- 20 Gender and Development
Chapter- 21 Regional Imbalances
Chapter- 22 Migration and Development
Chapter- 23 Environment and Sustainable Development
Chapter- 24 Economic Reforms and Globalisation
Chapter- 25 Religious Politics
Chapter- 26 Ethnicity and Nation-State
Chapter- 27 Democracy and Development: An Assessment

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