MHI 09 Solved Assignment 2019-20


MHI 09


Solved Assignment 2019-20

Course Code: MHI-09

Assignment Code: MHI-09/AST/TMA/2019-20
Total Marks: 100


Note: Attempt any five questions. The assignment is divided into two Sections A and B. You have to attempt at least two questions from each section in about 500 words each. All questions carry equal marks.



1. Write a note on the non-modernist theories about the emergence of nations and nationalism.

2. Explain the idea of economic nationalism. Discuss the main views of its earliest proponents.

3. Describe the ideologies and activities of the revolutionary nationalists during the 1920s and 1930s.

4. Discuss the Civil Disobedience Movement. How much was it successful?

5. Write short notes in about 250 words each on any two of the following:

a) The Subaltern View on Indian National Movement

b) Limits of Cultural-ideological resistance in Colonial India

c) Political Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

d) Achievements of the Congress Ministries during 1937-39.




6. Write a note on the Quit India Movement.


7. Discuss the association of nationalism with the peasant movements in UP and Bihar during the 1920s and 1930s.

8. How did the Gandhian method of mass mobilisation succeed in bringing women into public life?

9. Analyse the main strengths and weaknesses of the legacies of the Indian national movement .

10. Write short notes in about 250 words each on any two of the following:

a) Role of the Constituent Assembly, 1946-49

b) Poona Pact, 1932

c) Nationalists and the Workers in the Early Phase

d) Pakistan Demand and its Consequences


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