MPSE 004 Study Notes


MPS 004

Comparative Politics Issues and Trends

Study Notes 



Chapter- 1 Comparative Politics: Nature, Significance and Evolution

Chapter- 2 Comparative Approaches and Methods: Systems, Structural Functional and Public Policy

Chapter- 3 Comparative Approaches: Political Economy, Dependency and World Systems

Chapter- 4 Theories of State

Chapter- 5 State in Developing Societies: Asian, African and Latin American Experiences

Chapter- 6 Civil Society and The State

Chapter- 7 Globalization and State

Chapter- 8 Regional Integration and State

Chatper- 9 International Organizations and State

Chapter- 10 Transnational/Multinational Corporations and State

Chapter- 11 Nationalism: Approaches

Chapter- 12 Forms of Nationalism

Chapter- 13 Colonialism and Anti-Colonial Struggles

Chapter- 14 Nationality and Self Determination

Chapter- 15 State Building and Constitutionalism

Chapter- 16 Ethnicity Politics and State

Chapter- 17 Politics of Community Identities

Chapter- 18 Ethnic Movements

Chapter- 19 Political Regime


Chapter- 20 Bureaucracy

Chapter- 21 Military in Politics

Chapter- 22 Federalism: Patterns and Trends

Chapter- 23 Parties and Party Systems

Chapter- 24 Interest Groups, Pressure Groups and Lobbying

Chapter- 25 Poverty and Human Development

Chapter- 26 Gender and Development

Chapter- 27 Environment

Chapter- 28 Science, Technology and Politics

Chapter- 29 Decentralization and Participation

Chapter- 30 Human Rights

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