MPSE 003 Study Notes


MPSE 003


Study Notes


Block- 1 Western Political Thought (From Plato to Marx)

Unit-1 Significance of Western Political Thought

Unit-2 Plato

Unit-3 Aristotl

Unit-4 St. Augustine & St. Thomas Aquinas

Unit-5 Niccolo Machiavelli

Unit-6 Thomas Hobbes

Unit-7 John Locke

Unit-8 Jean Jacques Rousseau

Unit-9 Edmund Burke

Unit-10 Immanuel Kant

Unit-11 Jeremy Bentham

Unit-12 Alexis de Tocqueville

Unit-13 J.S. Mill

Unit-14 George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Unit-15 Karl Marx

Western Political Thought: From Plato to Marx is a lucid and comprehensive account of political thought that stretches from ancient Greece to the nineteenth century. Analysing political philosophies chronologically, this book offers valuable insights into the political structures of societies across the ages, and presents a wide perspective on the various social and political ideologies. Each of the 12 chapters has boxes with excerpts from the original works by the philosophers, a comprehensive reading list and thought provoking questions on the philosophies discussed in the book.

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