MPSE 004 Solved Assignment


MPSE 004

Social and Political Thought in Modern India
Solved Assignment

Course Code: MPSE-004
Assignment Code: ASST/TMA/2019-20
Marks: 100

Answer any five questions in about 500 words each. Attempt at least two questions from each section. Each question carries 20 marks.



Q.1 Discuss the nature of state and sovereignty in medieval India.

Q.2 Write an essay on nationalism and colonial modernity in the 19th century India.



Write a short note on the following in about 250 words each.

Q.6 a) Sri Aurobindo on passive resistance
b) Background of the rise of Hindu nationalist ideology

Q.7 a) Maulana Maududi’s views on Nationalism
b) Pandita Ramabai’s fight against patriarchy

Q.8 a) Jaipal Singh on championing Adivasi identity
b) Gandhi on the relationship between religion and politics

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