MPSE 006 Study Notes

MPSE 006

 Peace and Conflict Studies

Study Notes



Chapter- 1 Peace and Conflict Studies: Nature and Scope

Chapter- 2 Conceptual Analysis of Peace and Conflict

Chapter- 3 Nature and Forms of Conflict: Intra-state, Inter-st ate and Global

Chapter- 4 Theories of War

Chapter- 5 Types of War: Conventional War, Limited War and Nuclear War

Chapter- 6 Types of War: Revolutionary War, Civil War, Guerrilla War, Insurgency and Counter Insurgency, Proxy War and Asymmetrical War and Terrorism

Chapter- 7 UN System: Pacific Settlement of Disputes

Chapter- 8 UN System: Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Adjudication

Chapter- 9 Disarmament and Arms Control

Chapter- 10 Confidence Building Measures

Chapter- 11 Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Chapter- 12 Functional Approaches and Regionalism

Chapter- 13 The Gandhian Approach

Chapter- 14 Human Security

Chapter- 15 Peace Research and Peace Movements

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