MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Solved Assignment 2020-21

 MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Solved Assignment 2020-21

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all questions.

1. Locate Chaucer’s Prologue to the Canterbury Tales within his vast writing career, as a social commentary of the age.

2. What do you understand by the term renaissance? Examine Spenser’s Prothalamion as an example of both renaissance writing as well as a nuptial song.

3. Examine any one poem by Donne or Herbert or Marvel as an example of metaphysical poetry.

4. Critically examine Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience as precursors of the Romantic Age.

5. Who were the Pre- Raphaelites? Critically appreciate any one poem of this age/movement and highlight the characteristics of the movement.


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