MSOE 003 Sociology of Religion Solved Assignment 2020-21


MSOE 003 Sociology of Religion

Solved Assignment 2020-21

Maximum Marks: 100

Answer any five questions selecting at least two from each Section. Your answer should be in about 500 words each.


1. Critically the relationship between religion and economy.

2. Explain the sociological significance of myth with the help of suitable examples

3. Explain the concept of sacrifice of sacrifice with reference to Nuer society.

4. Examine the contribution of M N Srinivas to the understanding of religion.

5. In what way does Cliffrod Geertz explain religion? Discuss.


6. ‘Berger’s concept of religion follows from his understanding of society worldbuilding and world-ordering activity’. Critically discuss.

7. Explain the concept of secularism with reference to European experience.

8. What is religious conversion? Explain its sociological interpretation.

9. Examine the social context of the emergence of Buddhism.

10. ‘Totemism is not a reality’. Discuss with reference to the writings of L√®viStrauss.