MJM 027 Solved Assignment 2020-21


COURSE MJM 027 ELECTRONIC MEDIA Solved Assignment 2020-21

Assignment Code: MJM 27/ July 2020/Jan2021

Marks: 100

Note: Answer all the questions, they carry equal marks.

1. How do you see the future of radio in the current Internet era? Support your answer with suitable examples. (400 words)

2. What is the composition in photography? Explain any three elements of photographic composition. (500 words)

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3. Explain three-point lighting with the help of a diagram. (350 words)

4. What is the Exposure Triangle in photography? Explain all three elements. (400 words)

5. Write short notes on any two of the following (200 words each):

a. Parallel Editing

b. Cut-ins

c. 180-degree rule

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