MLE 013 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Criminal Justice Processes Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code: MLE 013

Assignment Code: MLE 013/January 2021 and July 2021

Total Marks: 100

Note: All questions are compulsory.



Answer each question in about 200 words each. Each question carries 5 marks.

(5x10 = 50)

1. Distinguish between Complaint and FIR.

2. Who can lodge an FIR

3. Write a note on Search and Seizure.

4. Explain briefly the evidentiary value attached to the statements of witnesses u/s 161 Cr PC.

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5. What do you understand by Cognizable offences.

6. Write a brief note on Power and Duties of Public Prosecutor.

7. Write a note on compensating Victims of Crime.

8. Discuss any one right available to the accused after arrest.

9. Write a note on release of offender on Admonition.

10. Write a note on correctional Homes for Female Prisoners.


Answer each question in about 350 words each. Each question carries 10 marks.

(5x10 = 50)

11. Explain the procedure to be followed by Police while Arresting a Person.

12. Discuss the stages of a Criminal Trial.

13. Discuss the problems faced by Victim and Witnesses during the Prosecution Process.

14. Write a note on Victim Compensation Scheme.

15. Write a note on Prison Reforms.

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