BLI 223 Solved Assignment 2020-21




Course: Organising and Managing Information

Blocks: 1 to 4

Units: 1 to 14

Course Code: BLI 223

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2020/Jan.2021

Total Marks: 70

Note: Answer all questions.

I) Answer the following questions in not more than 500 words each.

4X10= 40 Marks

1. Explain enumerative and faceted systems of classification. Discuss with examples their historical development, main classes, notation and extent of use.


2. What is MARC? Explain the structural design of a MARC record giving an example.


3. Define an indexing language. State its different types. Discuss how different types of relations are represented in a thesaurus.


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4. Explain the concept of interoperability. How is it achieved? Discuss the protocols for interoperability.


II) Answer the following questions in not more than 250 words each.

6X5=30 Marks

1. Discuss the need for ISBD. Describe the structure of an ISBD record.


2. Explain the problems of cataloguing non book material. Show by an example how is a video catalogued according to AACR2R.


3. What is keyword indexing? Explain its various versions.


4. What is an online catalogue? Discuss its characteristics and advantages.


5. What is postulational approach? Discuss the canons for arrays giving examples.


6. What is ontology? Discuss its different types.

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