BLIE 226 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Management of Library and Information Centre Solved Assignment 2020-21


Course: Management of Library and Information Centre

Blocks: 1 to 4

Units: 1 to 15

Course Code: BLIE 226

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.20-Jan.21

Total Marks: 70

Note: Answer all questions

I) Answer the following questions in not more than 500 words each.

1) Discuss the various approaches to deal with resistance to organisational change.


2) Describe internal and external causes for deterioration of print documents in libraries.


3) Explain the purpose, importance and the process of document weeding in libraries.


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4) What do you understand by financial management? Discuss the principles that govern financial management.


II) Answer the following questions in not more than 250 words each.

1) Elaborate the important managerial functions and their application in effective management of libraries.


2) Discuss the need for accession policy in a library.


3) Describe the impact of electronic publishing on acquisition.


4) Why disaster management in essential for libraries? Discuss.


5) Explain the need for training of staff in libraries.


6) What do you mean by participative management? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


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