BPVI 013 Solved Assignment 2020-21

Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code: BPVI 013

Maximum Marks: 50

Note: Attempt all the five questions.

Q.1. (a) What are the main considerations and precautions in using sanitizers? Explain the characteristics of a good quality detergent for a dairy plant.


(b) Describe the principle and various steps involved in “Cleaning-in-Place” process. How sanitization process is carried out for milk pasteurizer and milk silos under the CIP?


Q.2. (a) Give the principle and procedure for the platform tests conducted on a diary dock.


(b) Define UHT milk. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Give the salient features of different types of UHT plants.


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Q.3. (a) What is creaming efficiency? What are the factors affecting creaming efficiency?


(b) Explain the components and flow diagram of HTST pasteurizer.


Q.4. (a) Describe different methods used in India for the distribution of processed milk. How does packaging in single use containers reduce the work load in a dairy?


(b) What are the considerations you will keep in mind while selecting an appropriate detergent?


Q.5. (a) What are the main considerations and precautions in using sanitizers?


(b) What are different types of can washers used in the dairy industry? Describe various steps of “cleaning in place” process.


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