BRL 007 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Solved Assignment 2020-21


Course Code : BRL 007

Course Title : Store Operations – I

Assignment Code : BRL-007/TMA/2020-2021

Coverage : All Blocks


Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions

(A) Short Answer Type Questions

1. a) What are the strategies behind the stores? Explain with the help of suitable example.


b) What are the different methods of compensation used in retail?

2. a) How do customers evaluate customer service quality?


b) In how many groups the assets can be categorized based on usage. Also explain each of the usage categories in a retail perspective

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3. a) How many types of customers exist? Explain each of them?


b) “In store, design is proportionately related to profitability”. Discuss

4. a) What are the various support functions of management in retail stores?


b) What are the different ways in which to optimization of space availability is achieved?

5. a) Which are the major sources of goods shrinkage in a store? Explain them briefly.


b) Explain the purpose and benefits of Standard Operating Procedures.

6. a) Define each of the transaction driversand discuss their significance in retail.


b) What do you mean by promotion? Explain the various types of promotion?

7. a) How do you discriminate between conventional and contemporary retail formats?


b) Explain the different methods of calculating Return on Assets with a suitable example

(B) Essay Type Questions

8. What are the ways of preventing thefts and frauds? Explain the philosophy behind anti-theft security systems.


9. Define space planning concept? State its various objectives? Discuss the process one must follow for well-defined space planning concept?


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