BRL 012 Solved Assignment 2020-21




Course Code : BRL 012

Course Title : Visual Merchandising & Store Management

Assignment Code : BRL 012/TMA/2020-2021

Coverage : All Blocks


Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions


(A) Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is visual merchandising? What is the importance of visual merchandising in retail sector?


2. What do you mean by store layout? Discuss in detail the different types of store layout.


3. Describe the different types of errors that may generally occur while planning to display the merchandise in a retail store.


4. Discuss the salient features of display approach for apparels.


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5. Discuss various types of retail formats with suitable examples


6. What are difference between Departmental Store and Specialty market? Explain with examples.


7. What do you mean by Exhibition space? Discuss the points to be taken care while planning for exhibition space


(B) Essay Type Questions

8. Explain the role of colour act as a tool of communication. Also discuss the rules of colours that can improve the display.


9. Explain the display approach and merchandise presentation for Restaurants and Bars.


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