BWEE 005 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Diploma Programme in Women’s Empowerment & Development Solved Assignment 2020-21

Programme Code: DWED

Course Code: BWEE 005

Assignment Code: BWEE 005/AST-01/TMA/2020-21

Date of Submission: Sept. 30, 2020/ Mar. 31, 2021

Maximum Marks: 100

Weightage: 30%

Answer any four of the following questions in about 500 words each.

1. Explain the nature of women’s work participation in Indian society?


2. Discuss the various dimensions of sustainable development. How is it related to women’s development in society?


3. Explain with suitable illustrations roles of grass root initiatives in women’s development


4. Disuses how green revolution has impacted women’s work participation in rural India.


5. Discuss the major features of the developmental perspective of gender in development; how is it different from gender and development?.


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6. How can the process of ‘development with empowerment’ be achieved?


7. Discuss critically roles of Non-Government Organisation in Women’s Development with suitable examples.


8. Write a critic on the role of state in women’s development.


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