IBO 01 Solved Assignment 2021-22

International Business Environment


Course Code : IBO 01

Course Title : International Business Environment

Assignment Code : IBO 01/TMA/2021-2022

Coverage : All Blocks


Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions:

1. Do you think that study of international business environment is relevant for the Managers? Give your arguments and explain the Technological and Socio-cultural environment of international business.


2. a) Describe the functioning of Bretton Woods System with examples.


b) Explain various International Commodity Agreements.


3. Distinguish between:


a) Void agreements and void contract

b) Utilitarianism and Formalism

c) Absolute advantage and comparative advantage of trade

d) GATT and WTO

4. Comment on the following:

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a) Geographic environment does not affect demand pattern of the people living in the country.

b) When goods are bought by description from a seller, there is no implied condition that goods shall be of merchantable quality.

c) Arbitration is not preferred by the parties involved in international business.

d) Free trade is always better than no trade.

5. Write short notes on the following:


a) Code of Ethics for International Marketing

b) Current Account and Capital Account of Balance of Payments

c) Essential Elements of a Valid Contract

d) Strategic Alliances and Technology Transfer

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