MAW 002 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code: MAW 002

Maximum Marks: 100

Answer all the questions. Each question carries 20 marks

1. List out the specific animal welfare issues in dairy animals and calves. Discuss the supporting and against arguments in disbudding, dehorning and horn tipping in dairy animals.

2. Name the common identification methods used in pig farming. Discuss the welfare implications of different identification methods.

3. What is meant by beak trimming in poultry? Explain the main welfare concerns, alternatives and precautions in beak trimming.

4. Name the commonly encountered welfare issues in performing elephants. Discuss any two of them in detail.

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5. Write short notes on the following in about 150 -200 words each:

a. Camel nose pegs vis-a-vis welfare issues

b. The 3Rs concept in lab animal welfare

c. Devocalization / debarking in pet dogs and cats

d. Humane slaughter

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