MBP 002 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Editing and Pre-Press Solved Assignment 2020-21

Programme: MBP

Assignment Code: MBP 002/TMA/2019/ 20

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all questions (500 words per answer unless otherwise indicated). All questions carry equal marks.

1. “In publishing, there is a three-way interdependence between the author, editor and publisher.” Do you agree? Justify your answer.


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2. What are “copy marking instructions”? Where is the copy marked?


3. “Publishing houses obtain manuscripts from a variety of sources and through different pathways.” Explain.


4. What is layout? Describe the processes involved in making layouts.


5. Write short notes of about 250 words each on any two:

a. Explain the term ‘multimodal publishing’.

b. Editing illustrations.

c. Style Manuals.

d. Desk Top publishing.

e. Parts of a book cover.

10+10= 20

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