MFC 003 Solved Assignment 2020-21




Course Code : MFC 003

Course Title : Cultural and Societal Transformation

Assignment Code : MFC-003/TMA-01/2020-21

Coverage : All Blocks


Maximum Marks 100

Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Discuss genre, limits of genre classification and genre taxonomy in historical perspective.


2. Discuss the concept of folkloristic in visual art and its contribution to the development of TV programs, documentaries, advertisements and films.


3. Attempt a critical essay on the fluid nature of the two categories of Tribe and Caste in Indian context.


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4. Differentiate the following:

(A) ‘Minor’ and ‘Major’ Indian languages.

(B) ‘Folk’ in pre-modern and modern Indian literature.

(C) Folk forms: Verbal / Oral and Non-verbal.

(D) Sanskritization and great- little- traditions.


5. Write short notes on the following:

· Modern narratives.

· ‘Folk’ and modern narratives: ‘tradition’ and ‘modern’ narratives.

· Examples of folk and pre-modern written narratives in literatures of the world

· Folk and gender studies


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