IGNOU MEVE- 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22



IGNOU MEVE- 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : If you have any query or need any support please contact us on 9958676204.

Course Code : MEVE-011 

Course Title : Global Climate Change Assignment 

Code : MEVE-011/TMA-01/2021-2022 

Coverage : All Blocks 

Maximum Marks 100

Note: This assignment is based on the entire course. 

Answer any five questions. All question carries equal marks. The marks for each question are indicated against it within brackets on the right-hand side. Please write all answers in your own words.  

1. Write short notes on the following: (20 marks)

  • a.Structure of the atmosphere
  • b. Radiative forcing

2. Write short notes on the following: (20 marks)

a. Anthropogenic drivers of climate change

b. “Cloud feedback” and “Lapse-rate feedback”

3. Explain the sources of palaeoclimatic data. (20 marks) 

4. Explain the direct and indirect effects of climate change on agriculture. (20 marks) 

5. Explain the impacts of climate change on human health. (20 marks) 

6. Write short notes on the following: (20 marks) 

  • a. Glacier Lake Outburst floods
  • b. Paris Agreement

7. Explain the National Action Plan on Climate change. (20 marks)

8. Write short notes on the following: (20 marks)

  • a. Concept of mitigation and adaptation
  • b. UNFCCC 
IGNOU MEVE- 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : If you have any query or need any support please contact us on 9958676204.

Dear Learner,

Welcome to the Programme M.Sc. (Environmental Science)!
You are required to do one assignment for each Course of the M.Sc. (Environmental Science). Each assignment is a Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) and carries 100 marks. Each assignment covers the entire course. Answer any five questions in each assignment. All questions carry equal marks. 
This TMA is concerned mainly with assessing your application and understanding of the course material. Please ensure that you read all the units of the course. It is important that you should write the answers to all the questions in your own words. You should remember that writing answers to assignment questions will improve your writing skills and prepare you for the term-end examination. 

This booklet includes assignments for the following courses: 

MEVE 011 Global Climate Change
MEVE 012 Environmental Management 
MEVE 013 Environmental Biotechnology 
MEVE 014 Biodiversity Conservation and Management 
MEVE 015 Disaster Management 
MEVE 016 Urban Environment 
MEVE 017 Environment and Society 
MEVE 018 Instrumentation Techniques for Environmental Monitoring 
MEVE 019 Environmental Issues  

It is compulsory to submit the assignments within the stipulated time to be eligible for appearing the term-end examination. The assignments constitute the continuous component of the evaluation process and have 30% weightage in the final grading. Before you write the assignments, first go through the course material and then prepare the assignments carefully by following the instructions pertaining to assignments. Your responses should not be a verbatim reproduction of the textual materials provided for self-learning purposes but it should be in your own words.
If you have any doubt or problem pertaining to the course material and assignments, contact the Programme Coordinator or concerned programme in-charge or Academic Counsellor at your Study Centre for clarification. Once you are able to do the assignment satisfactorily, you will be ready to take the Term-end exam with confidence. 
If you still have problems, do feel free to contact us at School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies. 

IGNOU MEVE- 011 Solved Assignment 2021-22 : If you have any query or need any support please contact us on 9958676204.

Wishing you all the best to complete the programme successfully. 

Programme Coordinators
Prof. Shachi Shah, sshah@ignou.ac.in 
Dr. V. Venkat Ramanan, vvramanan@ignou.ac.in 
Dr. Deeksha Dave, deekshadave@ignou.ac.in  

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