MCFT 004 Solved Assignment 2023-24


MCFT 004 Solved Assignment 2023-24

Counselling and Family Therapy: Applied Aspects

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Assignment Code: ASST/ MCFT 004/2023-24

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Attempt all the questions.

Section A - Descriptive Questions

Q1. Analyse the common therapist traps.

Therapists, like any professionals, may inadvertently fall into certain patterns or traps that can impact the therapeutic process. These traps can hinder the effectiveness of therapy and the growth of the client. Here are some common therapist traps:

Over-Identification or Counter-Identification:

Over-Identification: A therapist may become too emotionally involved or attached to a client's issues, leading to personal biases or clouded judgment.

Counter-Identification: On the other hand, a therapist might distance themselves too much, making it difficult to empathize or understand the client's perspective.

Assuming the Expert Role:

Therapists are experts in the therapeutic process, but assuming an all-knowing stance can create a power dynamic that inhibits open communication. It's important for therapists to acknowledge their limitations and collaborate with clients in problem-solving.

Lack of Cultural Competence:

Ignoring or misunderstanding a client's cultural background can hinder the therapeutic relationship. Culturally competent therapists are aware of their own biases and work to understand the unique perspectives and values of their clients.

Imposing Personal Values:

Therapists must remain neutral and avoid imposing their personal values on clients. It's essential to respect diverse perspectives and help clients explore their values without judgment.

Premature Problem-Solving:

Jumping too quickly into problem-solving without fully understanding the client's experience can lead to superficial solutions. Therapists should prioritize exploration and understanding before moving to interventions.

Avoidance of Challenging Topics:

Some therapists may avoid addressing challenging or uncomfortable topics to maintain a positive therapeutic relationship. However, discussing difficult issues is often necessary for growth, and avoidance can hinder progress.

Dependency and Helplessness:

Creating dependency on the therapist or fostering a sense of helplessness in the client can be counterproductive. A good therapeutic relationship empowers clients to develop their coping skills and resilience.

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Therapists should be mindful of power dynamics within the therapeutic relationship. Ignoring or minimizing these dynamics can lead to an unequal balance of power, affecting the client's ability to express themselves openly.


Being too rigid in therapeutic approaches or interventions may not meet the unique needs of each client. Therapists should be flexible and adaptable, tailoring their approach to the individual.

Failure to Address Transference and Countertransference:

Ignoring the transferential and countertransferential dynamics in therapy can lead to misunderstandings. Therapists must recognize and address these dynamics to enhance self-awareness and the therapeutic relationship.

Therapists are human, and these traps can emerge despite their best intentions. Continued self-awareness, ongoing training, and supervision can help therapists navigate these challenges and provide more effective and ethical care.

Q2. Discuss the skills involved in ending of session.

Q3. Explain, with examples, active communication skills.

Q4. What are life skills? Discuss the need for life skills training.

Q5. Discuss the experiential awareness techniques.

Q6. What is reassurance? Explain the use of reassurance in relationship building.

Section B - Short Answer Type Questions

Q1. Write short notes (in about 150 words each) on the following:

i) Empty chair technique

ii) Communication to be avoided in a counselling session

iii) Imagery

iv) Steps involved in problem solving

v) Dangers of inadequate structuring

vi) Counter-transference

vii) Progressive relaxation training

viii) Family hypothesis

MCFT 004 Solved Assignment 2023-24 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.

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