MSD 019 Solved Assignment 2023-24


MSD 019 Solved Assignment 2023-24

Global Strategies to Sustainable Development

MSD 019 Solved Assignment 2023-24 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.

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Attempt all the questions.

Q1. Define the term poverty. Write a brief note on SDG 1 and India’s achievement.

Poverty is a multifaceted socio-economic condition characterized by a lack of resources, often measured in terms of income, that is insufficient to meet basic human needs. These needs include access to adequate food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Poverty can manifest in various forms, such as absolute poverty (where people struggle to meet basic survival needs) or relative poverty (where individuals or communities have significantly lower living standards compared to the broader society). Eradicating poverty is a global challenge that requires comprehensive efforts addressing economic, social, and political factors.

Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDG 1): SDG 1 is the first goal of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The goal is to "end poverty in all its forms everywhere." The targets associated with SDG 1 include reducing the percentage of people living in poverty, ensuring equal access to resources, and implementing social protection systems to prevent and reduce poverty. The aim is to create a world where no one is left behind, and everyone has the opportunity to lead a dignified life.

India's Achievement in SDG 1: India has made notable progress in reducing poverty over the years. The country has implemented various policies and programs aimed at poverty alleviation, economic empowerment, and social inclusion. Some of the key initiatives include the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), which guarantees 100 days of wage employment to rural households, and the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), which aims to provide financial inclusion by ensuring access to banking facilities for all households.

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The poverty rate in India has shown a declining trend, and there have been improvements in various human development indicators. However, challenges remain, especially in addressing regional disparities, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, and tackling issues related to urban poverty. India continues to work towards achieving SDG 1 through a combination of economic reforms, social programs, and inclusive development strategies. Ongoing efforts are crucial to sustaining and accelerating progress, ensuring that the benefits of development reach all segments of the population.

Q2. What are the major targets and indicators of SDG-3?

Q3. Why gender equality is important for Sustainable Development? Discuss the major India’s challenges for achieving SDG -5

Q4. Explain the different dimensions of development in context of SDG 11.

MSD 019 Solved Assignment 2023-24 : All assignments are in PDF format which would be send on email/WhatsApp (9958676204) just after payment.

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