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Write a note on Judicial Review
What were the recommendations of the Nehru Report
What are the main points in academic debate on the Constituest Assembly of India
What were the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission
 Discuss the Special Powers of the Rajya Sabha
 Explain the features of the Fundamental Rights
Compare the Fift and the Sixth Schedules of Indian Constitution
Discuss the features of the Constituent Assembly of India
What are the limits of a representative democracy? Elaborate
Examine the issue of representation in democracy
Distinguish between procedural and substantive democracy
 Examine Jean Francois Lyotard’s views on Post –Modernism.
Write a note on Cultural Feminism
What is Conservatism? Explain
What do you understand by Marxism? Elaborate
Write a note on Liberal Theory with reference to the views of some thinkers
Explain what is meant by politics
Discuss the inter–relationship of political theory and other related terms.