Discuss the Special Powers of the Rajya Sabha

 Q.4 Discuss the Special Powers of the Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha, All Bills, other than Money Bills can originate in any House of the Parliament. No bill can become a law unless agreed to by both the Houses. The Parliament is competent to make laws on: i) Matters in the Union List ii) Matters in the Concurrent List iii) Residuary Powers iv) Matters in the State List v) Ordinances v) Emergency Powers.

Rajya Sabha, In the financial domain the Parliament is the supreme authority. The budget is annually prepared by the Cabinet and it is submitted for the approval of the Parliament. The Parliament also approves all proposals of the Union Government to impose taxes. Money Bills can originate only in the Lok Sabha.

Rajya Sabha, After they have been passed by the Lok Sabha, they are sent to the Rajya Sabha for approval. To keep a vigil on the way the Executive spends the money granted by the legislature, there are two Standing Committees of the Parliament known as the Public Accounts Committee and the Estimates Committee. The Parliament keeps a day-to-day watch over the activities of the Executive. Parliament may remove a Cabinet out of power by a vote of no confidence. It may reject a bill or a budget proposal of the Cabinet.