What were the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission

 Q.5 What were the recommendations of the Sarkaria Commission?


The agitation for State autonomy led to the creation of Sarkaria Commission by the Central Government to recommend changes in Centre-State relationship. The Commission submitted its report in 1988. The founding fathers of the Indian Constitution were deeply concerned about ensuring the unity and integrity of the country.

They were aware of the forces of disruption and disunity working within the country. These dangers at the time of independence could be handled only by a strong government at the Centre.

Therefore, the framers of the Constitution assigned a predominant role to the Centre. At the same time they made provisions for the establishment of a co-operative federalism. The working of the Indian federation during the last five decades clearly shows that the relations between the Centre and the States have not always been cordial. The administrative Reforms Commission and several other Commissions were appointed by the Government of India from time to time to regulate Centre State relations.

The Union Government appointed Sarkaria Commission to suggest ways and means to improve Centre-State relations. The clamour for more autonomy led to the constitution of Sarkaria Commission in 1983 which was asked to examine and review existing arrangements between the Centres and the States in all spheres and recommend appropriate changes and measures.