MJM 029 Solved Assignment 2020-21



Assignment Code: MJM 29/ July 2020/Jan2021

Marks: 100

Note: Answer all the questions, they carry equal marks.

1. Tell us about one favourite advertisement of yours from Newspaper, Television, Radio and Outdoor each. Describe all these ads one by one, describing why it is your favourite. Now try to analyse the Appeal that has been used for each of these ads. Also, find out which agency has created each of these advertisements.

Marks Division: 5 marks for each ad.

Two marks = Description and reason for liking

Two marks = Appeal analysis

One marks = Agency information

2. Visit any advertising agency in your town or village. Write about its structure, how many employees are there, which Accounts they handle, what are the media they advertise in , etc.

Tell us in detail about the experience you had while interacting with people working with the agency.

3. Visit the Website of any famous Car Brand. Analyse the various elements that you see on the Website, in line with the Branding Proposition of the Company. Critically evaluate each picture, text, hyperlink. Tell us what is good about the communication elements and how they could have been better?

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4. Attend a Press Conference by a Political Party online. If you were among the organisers of this Press Conference, what Press release would you have written to be distributed to the Press? Write this Press Release.

5. Discuss a Corporate Social Responsibility case of any brand from India or around the world. Critically evaluate this campaign and the reasons for its success.

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