BPVI 011 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Solved Assignment 2020-21

Course Code: BPVI 011

Maximum Marks: 50

Note: Attempt all the five questions.

Q.1. (a) Outline the dairy development in India from 1970 onwards and what has been the role of NDDB in it?


(b) Describe the advantages of cooperative system and explain Anand pattern of cooperative societies.


Q.2 (a) Outline the scenario of dairying in our country. State the major achievements of Operation Flood Programme.


(b) Give the principles of cooperatives. Explain three tier structures of dairy cooperatives.


Q.3. (a) What are the symptoms of heat in cows and buffaloes? Describe artificial insemination (AI). Also give its advantages.


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(b) Describe the housing, feeding and milking management practices of lactating cows and buffaloes.


Q.4. (a) Define breed and describe the general characteristics of dairy cattle breeds.


(b) How can we improve the milk production in local non-descript (Desi) cattle?


Q.5. (a) Describe different factors which increase the growth of microorganisms in milk.


(b) Explain how microbial spoilage of milk can be controlled.


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