IBO 02 Solved Assignment 2021-22


International Marketing Management


COURSE TITLE : International Marketing Management



Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions:

1. Define International Marketing. Discuss in detail the various steps which the company has to undertake in order to be successful in international marketing.


2. Briefly describe the factors to be considered in pricing for international marketing and also explain the main methods of pricing in international marketing.


3. Distinguish between the following :


a) Ethnocentric and polycentric orientation

b) Domestic agents and domestic merchants

c) Marketing of products and services

d) Undifferentiated and differentiated international market targeting strategies

4. Write short notes on the following :


a) Global Marketing

b) Counter Trade

c) Straight Extension

d) Complexities in International Marketing Research

5. Comment on the following :

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a) The global managers must think in international terms and not in terms of their native culture.

b) Strategy alliance, more than an entry strategy is a competitive strategy.

c) In addition to general considerations for size, shape, materials, surface graphics of products, export packaging requires certain special considerations.

d) Marketing Research Report is the cumulation of all that has gone before.

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