IBO 05 Solved Assignment 2021-22


International Marketing Logistics



COURSE TITLE : International Marketing Logistics




Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions:

1. a) Explain the objectives set out in the five year plans for the development of Indian shipping.


b) Discuss the main clauses of voyage charter party and time charter party.


2. a) State the four levels at which logistics information is needed and explain the main features of an integrated information system.


b) Explain the salient features of Australian legislation for curbing unfair trade practices of carriers/conference.


3. Briefly comment on the following :


a) Logistics system helps in improving the customer service

b) The world economic situation and the world trade are very closely related.

c) The efficiency of ports not only helps in increasing the efficiency of the overall transport system of a country, but also reduces the cost of transporting goods from source of origin to the point of ultimate destination.

d) Shippers-Shipowners consultation arrangements in India leave much scope for improvement.

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4. Write short notes on the following :


a) Public Warehouse

b) Inventory Control

c) Tramp Trade

d) Liner Shipping

5. Distinguish between the following :


a) Total cost concept and Total system concept

b) Inter-modalism and Multi-modalism

c) Shipowners' Lien and Maritime Lien

d) Flat Pack Containers and Open Top Containers

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