MBP 006 Solved Assignment 2020-21


Editing Scientific, Technical and Medical Books Solved Assignment 2020-21

Programme: MBP

Assignment Code: MBP 006/TMA/2019/ 20

Max. Marks: 100

Answer all questions (500 words per answer unless otherwise indicated). All questions carry equal marks.

1. Explain how STM communication is different from other forms of communication.


2. What are citations and references? What are the conventions followed while providing citations and references in scientific books?


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3. Discuss the guidelines for editing the content of a scientific research document.


4. What aspects should you keep in mind while editing tables in a scientific book?


5. Write short notes of about 250 words each on any two:

a. Careers in STM publishing.

b. Reference books for STM writing and editing

c. Types of medical writing.

d. Advantages of E-books.

e. Multimedia for science communication.


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